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I got my braces off today! I had them on for 8-9 months or so. Here are the before and after photos so everyone can see how rad the transformation was. 

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Dumping out picture files, found some old sketches !

Eztli with a pompadour is still probably the best thing ever





Deep Blue by Simon Roy.

#what is it erin

I got a new keyboard

Grandma Pickle (golly): Solution found- put keyboard on top of laptop keyboard
Grandma Pickle (golly): lmfao
Grandma Pickle (golly): /9+++++
Grandma Pickle (golly): 9666666666666666666666666
Blood: ...
Grandma Pickle (golly): it slipped


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It’s funny how you cn go through life… never relly relizing how mny words hve the letter (before b) in them…. until tht letter breks on your keybord…




sneaks some sketches up here rather than on the art blog yoooo

Mahir you let yourself go buddy (Its ok we know it’s mostly muscle under there)

that me husband

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#what is it erin

menacing spoon


#what is it erin

i am the one she was sending this catboy yaoi to, it’s me. i am the culprit.

Now all of China knows what you did to me