#wht is it erin

It’s funny how you cn go through life… never relly relizing how mny words hve the letter (before b) in them…. until tht letter breks on your keybord…




sneaks some sketches up here rather than on the art blog yoooo

Mahir you let yourself go buddy (Its ok we know it’s mostly muscle under there)

that me husband

#menacing spoon

#what is it erin

menacing spoon


#what is it erin

i am the one she was sending this catboy yaoi to, it’s me. i am the culprit.

Now all of China knows what you did to me

#what is it erin

#real horror

I was mailing some of my old stuff to friends today and my mom was helping me transfer the stuff into boxes in the post office.

And at some point I looked over at her and realized that she had all the Loveless manga I was giving away just sprawled out all over the post office table. Everywhere.

There were tons of people in there with us and I was just sweating next to a pile of catboy yaoi the entire time.




Catherine Palace, Tsarskoye Selo, St. Petersburg, Russia



#put this cake in a museum


I made an Aoba cake for my wife’s birthday.

#look at the colors